The heavens will open, and gifts of creativity will rain down. Goafest 2017 will be hosted in North Goa from the 6th to 8th April. The three-day festival will see an awards night on each of the days, as well as knowledge seminars, leadership seminars, industry conclaves, and incredible work. Even the Gods won't be missing this - what's your excuse?

From enlightening seminars delivered from
the altars of advertising by the Gods
themselves, to heavenly feasts and revelries -
see what's on the schedule for Goafest 2017.

Sign up and register for
the 12th edition of Goafest.

The God of Account Management

They have worshipped at the altar of Advertising, and
the Gods have favoured them. Witness the Winners of
all the previous editions of the festival!

For Gods do speak to mortals, once in
a while. Learn from the expertise and
experience of the greats of the industry.

All this celestial activity has us in the news!
Explore our media section, and who knows, you
may see your name in the headlines for your
moment of divine fame.

In the beginning, there were only the Gods.
Then came the mortals who worshipped them,
making their yearly pilgrimage to witness the
marvels of Advertising on display. Take a look
at the past 11 years of Goafest.

Come, listen to the Gods themselves
as they talk about the various aspects
of advertising, what's happening in
the creative arena and what’s to come!

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