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For every opinion in Indian advertising, there is an equal and opposite opinion. Debates, counterpoints, beliefs, judgements, attitudes, and orientations are not words to be thrown around like bullet points in a strategy presentation.

“Is it good?”
“Is it really good?”
“You think that's great?”
“I will never speak to you.”

Discontent is genetic to our creative process, and in this curious 'you-are-for-us-or-against-us' scenario, Indian advertising had an epiphany.

How about an awards show that’s not confined to one city, one discipline, one organization but one that truly celebrates the best of Indian advertising. Discontent just went national and Goafest was born!

Goafest was not just an advertising awards show, but a genre-busting, clutter-breaking, schedule-bending, melanin-assaulting advertising festival. Our critics politely enquired, “Are you guys trying to do an Indian Cannes?“. We did what our consumers always do when they hear something they don't particularly care about. We changed the channel.

Goafest grew. The knowledge sessions got longer, the speakers got more famous, and the beer colder. The Advertising Club of Mumbai joined us. Together, the festival grew even bigger. We said that every experience is a learning opportunity. Every critical remark is free advice and every brickbat, a building block.

We’re celebrating the fact that Goafest is 12 years old. We are fine with the fact that you have a point-of-view about us. As long as you accept the fact that you cannot ignore us.

See you in Goa.

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